October 22

ACHI X Kandee JohnsonACHI X Kandee JohnsonACHI X Kandee Johnson

A new beauty launch hosted by Kandee Johnson

Diana Espir

Let's not lie to ourselves and pretend I am anything close to a #BeautyBlogger, despite my attempts, aspirations and my love for makeup... Lips are always bleeding, eyes are always creased and the skin is just way past the age of being remotely smooth enough for that sort of content... And yet leaving the house with a chipped nail is something I don't condone nor find acceptable. So when the word gets out about a SCENTED gel polish's new launch (hosted by Kandee Johnson), my nosy, obsessed, weirdo, stalker self had to investigate... Fuck did I feel out of place, perhaps due of my lack of luscious lips, false lashes and Lumee case, or maybe my non existent contour and cheekbone highlight, but in times like these, I feel like my association with the beauty community totally makes sense. 

A good polish formula in the right packaging is always a winner in my books, and has the potential to make my week. ACHI Gel Polishes are the kind that don't require multiple applications because of their pigmented formula, and you'll find they are also long lasting. Their scent is reminiscent of vintage perfumes, and of course, I am kind of obsessed with the rose gold packaging, making this a product I would definitely buy purely because I am a shallow person who will judge a book by it's cover... 

Taking place at the Doheny Room, Los Angeles, the launch party welcomed a variety of influencers who enjoyed cocktails from TY KU, Electric Sky Wine and massages by Manly Handz. And in the back of this fabulously glamorous picture of ACHI creator Valerie Anderson, a pathetic attempt at #BeautyBlogging, by yours truly...  

Anyway, check their website: