September 24

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Geneva Reunion... At Last! 

Diana Espir

Many of you may not know that Geneva is my hometown... I was quick to leave Switzerland when I graduated, and definitely have a love/hate relationship with this place. But there is nowhere else in the world that makes me feel as safe and welcome. 

It's funny how one's attitude and habits can change so drastically depending on their location. I am known to be a little addicted to the hustle, but enjoyed some calm and quiet during my stay. My style also changed quite a bit when I am home... I definitely favour more relaxed and comfortable clothes; without compromising my signature colour scheme, of course! I have been swearing by these boyfriend jeans and baggy jumper from Miss Selfridge...

Outfit Details: 

Being able to drive by the beautiful Lake Geneva and the 'Jet D'Eau' with a view on the Swiss Alps is pretty spectacular. Those are things I never knew to appreciate until living on the other side of the world. But reuniting with my best friend of 20 years after being away from each other for 9 months has to be one of the happiest memory from this trip!