September 10

Planing Your LifePlaning Your LifePlaning Your Life

For the Creatives & Freelancers 

Diana Espir

Being organized is something I DO NOT LIKE, am not good at, and don't usually put effort into. Unless there's a cute sticky note for it ;) Since I got my passion planner, I have fully embraced my #basic side... Because sometimes, being basic is actually for the better... 

As a visual person, I find it challenging to stick to a timetable when it is all stored on my phone, in the most confusing way possible. Scrolling numbers to set a time is a recipe for disaster in my world, and I am mentally INCAPABLE of reading anything that looks like an excel document (i.e Google Calendar). My version of 'clear' entails many colors, notes, shapes and form that will stand out and create visual images in my head, associated with a task or appointment. 

The stickers and notes have changed my life. I may have become the most annoying person on the internet having taken my aesthetic this far, but at least, I'm never late, more reliable and never forget a meeting.