September 3

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Making Trends Affordable

Diana Espir

Decent dupes are usually a mission to find, especially when involving latest trends. Exciting beauty releases often lead to either: a) The impulsive purchase of an expensive product at Sephora, then realizing there is no such thing as a miraculous product worth your car insurance -  b) Waiting months for the trend to die to finally come across a good affordable dupe. In either cases, I usually end up dissatisfied... But I have to say, drugstore makeup has improved by miles this year, and I wanted to share some items that have for once, met my Instagram psycho expectations... 

I have been all about minimal natural complexion the last few months, practically no eye makeup, a bright lip and a kick-ass highlighter! My obsession for holographic highlighters is at its peak and being known for my statement lip years ago, I am proud to have gone back to my original ways... Obviously, long voluminous fluttery lashes are a must so here are the top products from Maybelline I use to achieve my go-to summer makeup look. 

The Master Fairy Highlight is the product that made me realize all hopes for drugstore dupes aren't dead... Unlike most affordable makeup, it is so pigmented and works just how you would expect it to! You will get a true rainbow effect when desired, and if all colors are blended together, it will be holographic. 

I have so many good things to say about the new Lash Sensational Curvitude mascara. The wand as well as the formula are ideal for achieving a perfect curve, and obviously, adding volume and length. I have had so many people come up to me and ask where I got my individual lashes done... There's no better compliment than being asked if your lashes are fake when they're not :D LOL! 

Last but not least, my 'go to' Vivid Matte Liquid that will create a bold lip look, closer to a stain than a super dry liquid lipstick... This is the easiest product to use on the go for great results and minimal effort!