June 25

Is Holographic Wearable?Is Holographic Wearable?Is Holographic Wearable?

Makeup Trends that Tend to Fail

Diana Espir

Do you think people will remember 2017 as the holographic year? The futuristic trend is may be blowing up your feeds, but it is actually hard to pull off. I personally haven't seen so many people walking around rocking a rainbow highlight and unicorn lip?! We have all learnt the hard way that for the most part, what looks good on Instagram will never work in person. After trying out so many products and attempting the look myself, I've come to realize that Holographic Makeup looks good in small doses, and can be wearable when used in moderation.

The TARTE Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter will not give you a 'rainbow highlight' per se, but rather a subtle lilac glow that is actually wearable in natural daylight too! What it will not do is look like you have just poured a jar of glitter on your face (thankfully), and it smells delicious too!

The same can pretty much be said about Milk Makeup, always nailing the minimal look, no matter the trend. I have tried the Holographic Stick and Holographic Lip Gloss and they have now become some of my favorite products to use daily! The only difference with a traditional highlighter or shiny lipgloss is the color and the finish: blue-toned and a little more reflective. Below are some swatches:

I also found this little gem at Sephora, and had to include it in this post, as it isn't your typical brow gel. The Brow Highlighting Gel will add some hold, color, and also, a subtle shine to your brows. The reason why this works so well for me is because of my naturally thin brows: adding a solid color with a gel or pencil always ends up looking a little too fake, especially in bright summer days. Believe it or not, this looks beautiful!

Let's be honest though... Are they essential in your kit? Probably no. Unless your a makeup geek like myself 😬