June 9

The Marble CaseThe Marble CaseThe Marble Case

By Madotta

Diana Espir

Today, I wanted to show my appreciation for a brand I truly believe in. Madotta is an independent family business creating the most gorgeous designer phone cases! Each one of them is created manually, with care, in their UK factory and comes in a beautiful box with a thank you note. It's so great seeing brands putting so much effort in the quality of their product and service, especially with countless new social media brands emerging and ephemeral fashion trends popping up every single day. 

Marble cases have been around for a little bit, and being the phone addict that I am, I like to make sure my favorite accessory is always paired with a stylish protection. Having gone through a few versions of it, I can say no other brand makes them as beautiful as they do.  

Must check out their online store: