June 8

We Tried Black Ice Cream...We Tried Black Ice Cream...We Tried Black Ice Cream...

Little Damage DTLA

Diana Espir

Here's what the Hollywire girls and I were up to on our latest #TryTheTrend adventure... Black ice cream has become one of the most viral summer trends, and we wanted to see what the fuss was all about...? So we headed to Little Damage (DTLA) to try out their unique flavors and here's the verdict...

The menu is unexpected and the flavors very unique, so if you're looking for your typical ice cream shop, this place isn't for you.

  • Their flavors are DELICIOUS and not overly filling 👌
  • The shop is the most Instagrammable place ever;  all customers were taking snaps or creating a post of some sort, making sure to display the colored ice cream and black cone.
  • The charcoal ice cream tastes amazing, however, it will stain your teeth and turn your mouth black! Just make sure to check in the mirror every so often and keep a little napkin on you!
  • The blue 'Unicorn Tears' flavor was my personal favorite: so creamy and surprisingly, not too sweet, which I loved.
  • The shop offers at least one vegan option.
  • Little Damage will keep you on your toes, as they update their recipes regularly.
  • The serve melts quick and the cone breaks super easily, so so make sure to eat it as quick as you can! 

In other words, WE 💕💕💕💕