May 10


The Beautiful Hair Effect

Diana Espir

So grateful to be collaborating with OMORFIE and the launch of their brand new ENA straightening iron! This isn't something I would normally do as my fine brittle hair can not handle heat very well. Flat irons are known to work better on thick /puffy hair for a smooth and slick effect.  My hair looks it's best when it has been blowdried but it is more time-consuming and I too, wanted to be able to straighten my hair without the hassle of washing / conditioning / prepping...

I wouldn't take the time to rave about a product on my site unless I was completely in love with it! I really feel this is the product that has changed my opinion on flat irons. They may have been your hair's worst enemy in the past, but technology has evolved and I believe some products are created with the condition of your hair in mind. I am no expert, but something about the texture of the heated plates makes my hair feel so smooth and soft, and SO different from any other product I have used that left me with split ends and crispy hair.

I will be uploading a YouTube video / demonstration / review very soon, and I have been planning to do so for a while. My schedule has been absolutely CRAZY but in the meantime, you should try them for yourself, and with my code: DIANA, you'll even get some $ off!