March 31

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Finding the Perfect Pastel Wig

Diana Espir

I have a new hair update for you! After having caused SEVERE damage to my own hair (again), and remaining obsessed with the idea of changing my color and trying something a little crazier, I headed to The Hair Shop in Hollywood, as recommended by one of my hair stylists in Beverly Hills, to have a look at some wig options. I recklessly wanted to go lighter, after a very painful couple of weeks. Desperately needing some change and a fresh start, I thought it would be a good idea to go to a random salon and have someone I had never met before bleach my hair. So adding more color and chemicals was now clearly not an option anymore... 

Lace front wigs are the most natural -looking and if the parting and hairline resemble your own, they're pretty much undetectable! I was previously introduced to other brands who quite honestly, didn't really do it for me. They were so hard to put on, quite heavy and not all that secure on the head. 

If you haven't tried them yet, believe me when I say The Hair Shop Wigs are the way to get amazing hair that looks like you have spent days coloring and styling, without even touching it. All I did was something as simple as putting a hat on. I do not need to style my hair, hairspray it, blow-dry it and have complete trust this isn't something that isn't going to fall off my head. The hair is synthetic and the really light, allowing free movement and to just have fun, forgetting about it!