February 18


Bellami Experience

Many have commented on my hair and sadly, I have to admit it isn't all mine... #Guilty! Having gone through so many different hair phases, bleaching, coloring and styling definitely took its toll, and I have struggled to get my hair back to it's original healthy state. I have always been insecure about my hair as it is naturally on the finer side, and many extension systems are very obvious on my small tiny head. I have had to try out SO many different techniques that have been very costly for a fuller and longer look. I am finally sharing with you the best option that will save you time, money, and limit the damage to your own hair... 

Instagram is literally THE WORST when it comes to hair inspo. Everything I ever come across always looks amazing and is never achievable on myself. So I thought the best option would be to get bonded extensions and have beautiful full hair all the time. Little did I know they would slide and slip, growing up to look incredibly fake and  WRECK my hair at the same time (yes I've been there too). By the time I realized a break was in need, my hair already looked too bad for me to completely give up on extensions. 

BELLAMI may seem too good to be true... I've stalked their page for a while and never even wanted to go there. It is IMPERATIVE to go to their salon and get your extensions matched and blended. This the secret to flawless looking extensions, even when styled completely straight. The proof is shown in all the pictures above. My stylist placed them according to my head shape, and labeled them along with a little diagram for me to take home to help me position my clips myself. 

NOTE: it does take a little practice, I'm not going to lie. Do not get this done the day before an important early meeting or shoot the next day. Once you get it down, it will all make sense! You will need a comb to separate different sections of hair as well as a little mirror to check it all looks good and neat in the back!

I wear my Bellami Bellissima 220 g 22 Inches in Dirty Blonde when necessary. Extensions are nice, but they are not necessary 24/7, which is one of the most important lesson I've learned throughout this process. Placement is key, which is why having professional help and more perspective on the shape of your head and positioning of the clips is absolutely necessary. Once this is out of the way and you have practiced putting them on a few times, it will become part of your routine and you will never want to go back!