February 1

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Diana Espir

I've been addicted to changing my hair color for a while, which you may have noticed if you're following me on Instagram (@DianaEspir). Lace front wigs are a really smart way of changing up your look without causing any damage to your hair, like extensions and bleach would. I've had my fair share of hair catastrophes and even ended up with bald patches!

If you're thinking wigs are super uncomfortable and costume-like, @UNIWIGS lacefront wigs will change your mind. You can find anything from natural colors to crazier ones, short bobs and ultra long hair! They look natural and aren't too overwhelming. If you're on a budget, their synthetic hair selection is of great quality. You can definitely wear them on a night out or any other day you can't be bothered to style your own hair!

Wig - Uniwigs

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