November 8

Faking CasualFaking CasualFaking Casual

And Being Style - Ish

Diana Espir

Millennial ladies of LA love a good fake 'casual'. So rather than pretend to be something I'M NOT, I thought I would make this post constructive by sharing some tips to help my readers display their best life... 

1. Have a neutral background. Street photos are socially acceptable in LA FYI... 

2. Accessorise 'effortlessly,' get a tan and put some makeup on, but contrast it with a casual outfit for the ultimate 'I Woke Up Like This' I'm effect. 

3. No matter how much makeup you're wearing, shades are always a good idea. 

4. Use a filter? SUBTLE!

5. Pretend you're not uncomfortable because you just INHALED an In & Out. 

6. Make plans to work out to make yourself feel better for the duration of the 'shoot.'

7. Look at the pictures, hate them, so go inside a store, buy something to make yourself feel better and prepare mentally for the next shoot...

8. Repeat...